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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

At the doctoral study of Biosciences, lectures are organized only in subjects chosen by at least five students. The list of subjects for the academic year 2020/21 that will be conducted in the form of lectures, is published below. Due to extraordinary circumstances, the way of conducting lectures will be adapted to the given situation. The method of implementation of the course and dates will be announced later.

If fewer than 5 candidates apply for a subject, the subject will only be carried out in the form of consultations. A student agrees on the holding of consultations directly with the lecturer responsible for the subject. You can contact the lecturers from 19 October 2020 onwards.


Course Title Naslov predmeta
Bioinformatics Tools and Databases Bioinformacijska orodja in podatkovne zbirke
Ecology Ekologija
Geographic information systemsas a research tool for biology and nature conservation Geografski informacijski sistemi kot raziskovalno orodje v biologiji in varstvu narave
Information searching and paper writing Iskanje informacij in priprava člankov
Measurement of physical, chemical and biological properies of soil Meritve fizikalno-kemijskih in bioloških lastnosti tal
Extraction and analitical methods of plants secondary metabolites Metode ekstrakcije in analize sekundarnih metabolitov v rastlinah
Methods in plant ecophysiology and ecology of terrestrial ecosystems Metode v ekofiziologiji rastlin in ekologiji kopenskih ekosistemov
Multivariate statistical methods Multivariatne statistične metode
Planning of research activities, reporting and project proposals Načrtovanje raziskovalnega dela, poročanje in priprava projektov
Next generation of molecular markers Naslednje generacije molekulskih markerjev
Statistical analysis of biological data Statistična analiza bioloških podatkov
Statistical methods for data analysis Statistične metode za analizo podatkov
Introduction to Data Science Uvod v znanosti o podatkih
Image Acquisition and Computer-Assisted Analysis Zajem in računalniško podprta analiza slik