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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

 If fewer than 5 candidates apply for a subject, the subject will only be carried out in the form of consultations. A student agrees on the holding of consultations directly with the lecturer responsible for the subject. Lectures are organised for subjects for which 5 or more candidates have registered.

The list of subjects, which will be carried out with lectures in the 2019/20 academic year, is written below:

Animal biotechnology / Animalna biotehnologija

Applied methods in protection of natural heritage / Aplikativne metode pri varstvu naravne dediščine

Biophysics of membranes and biological nanostructures / Biofizika membran in bioloških nanostruktur

Bioinformatics Tools and Databases / Bioinformacijska orodja in podatkovne zbirke

Determination of plant pests and diseases / Determinacija rastlinskih škodljivcev in bolezni

Geographic information systemsas a research tool for biology and nature conservation / Geografski informacijski sistemi kot raziskovalno orodje v biologiji in varstvu narave

Physiology and Morphology - an Integrative Approach / Fiziologija in morfologija - integrativni pristop

Soil health and functioning / Funkcioniranje in zdravje tal

Information searching and paper writing / Iskanje informacij in priprava člankov

Clinical nutrition / Klinična prehrana

Extraction and analitical methods of plants secondary metabolites / Metode ekstrakcije in analize sekundarnih metabolitov v rastlina

Methods in plant ecophysiology and ecology of terrestrial ecosystems / Metode v ekofiziologiji rastlin in ekologiji kopenskih ekosistemov

Microscopy and image analysis of biological samples - project work / Mikroskopija in analiza slike bioloških vzorcev - projektno delo

Nutrition / Prehrana

Primary and secondary metabolism of horticultural plants / Primarni in sekundarni metabolizem hortikulturnih rastlin

Multivariate statistical methods / Multivariatne statistične metode

Planning of research activities, reporting and project proposals / Načrtovanje raziskovalnega dela, poročanje in priprava projektov

Probiotics / Probiotiki

Statistical analysis of biological data / Statistična analiza bioloških podatkov

Statistical methods for data analysis / Statistične metode za analizo podatkov

Introduction to Data Science / Uvod v znanost o podatkih