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interdisciplinary doctoral study program

By the start of the summer semester in the 2nd year of study (the middle of February) a doctoral student hands in an application for approval of the theme and title of a doctoral thesis.

In accordance with the programme of doctoral study of Biosciences a student must present the theme of the doctoral dissertation. With the successful presentation of the theme, the student obtains 5 ECTS, which count towards the quota of credit points that he/she must obtain for advancement to the third year of study.

By the time of submission of the application for approval of the theme and title of doctoral dissertation, a doctoral student must have attended the presentation of at least three themes of doctoral dissertations of other doctorands. At the time of submission of his application, she or he shall attach evidence (form) by which she or he proves participation in the presentations of themes. Due to the current situation, the student attends the presentation via links, which will be published on an ongoing basis. After the presentation, the chairman of the commission confirms by confirmation email that the student participated in the presentation. The student prepares a short report on each presentation he / she has listened to and attaches it to the confirmation e-mail of the chairman of the commission.

Dates of presentation of the themes of the doctoral dissertations of individual students are/will be published in the table below.


FOR THE MOST RECENT HEALTH REASONS, presentations of doctoral dissertation topics will now be made through online platforms.



Scientific area

Title of doctoral dissertation
Date and location of the presentation
Mojca Pančur animal science

 Effect of feed restriction on growth performance, oxidative stress and meat quality in diploid and triploid Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)

president od the comission: prof. dr. Janez Salobir (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

date will be known later

link to presentation